Our company

Eccentrix is a corporate training center and a solutions provider. Our company is offering skills advancement and consulting services in main areas of information technology in Montréal and Laval.

Training center

With more than 400 available courses (and expanding), Eccentrix is the premium partner in your organization’s training needs. We have a versatile and diversified portfolio adapted to our market. It covers the requirements of today’s information technology challenges, and we are constantly adding new training solutions to keep ourselves synchronized on the evolution of information technology.

Eccentrix is using innovative delivery channels. We are offering participants the choice of attending a training online (virtually in real-time), on-site, and in a traditional classroom. We have established a robust platform that allows flexible schedules and that eliminates the need to wait longer for your selected training to begin.

Solution provider

The continuous technology evolutions bring change at different levels, and particularly affect technical infrastructures needed to support your company. For this reason, a strategic approach must be taken to adapt to the changes transparently. We provide solutions aiming at stabilizing and maximizing technological results of your assets. We are a trusted partner that can assist you on different types of projects:

  • Infrastructure and networking;
  • Unified and messaging communication systems;
  • Cloud solutions;
  • Outsourcing and hosting;
  • Continued technical support of your operations;
  • Security auditing and assessments.

Eccentrix is aiming at strategic positioning on the market of our region. Whether our team is working on a project for your organization, or delivering a training, we aim a great satisfaction level and an outstanding service.