Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 Officially Released, Includes over 85 Security Updates


Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 ozvaničen, uključuje preko 170 sigurnosnih ispravki

If you're using Debian Stable (a.k.a. Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie"), it's time to update it now. Why? Because Debian Project launched a new release, Debian GNU/Linux 8.7, which includes over 170 bug fixes and security updates.

Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 is the latest and most advanced build of the Debian Jessie series, bringing corrections for all the security issues discovered and patched since the release of Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 in mid-September last year, as well as dozens of updated versions of the included components and applications.

Of course, if you're already using Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie" on your personal computer or server and you have all the latest package updates installed, then you're already running Debian GNU/Linux 8.7. But what about if you want to deploy the Linux-based operating system on new PCs?

That's why we are today seeing the release of Debian GNU/Linux 8.7, though, at the moment of writing this article, installation mediums are still to be published. We'll write a separate story to announce that, when the Live and Install ISOs are ready, which will help you install Debian Jessie without having to download hundreds of updates.

Includes 87 miscellaneous bugfixes, 86 security updates

From the release notes, it would look like Debian GNU/Linux 8.7 includes 87 miscellaneous bugfixes and 86 security updates for various of the pre-installed components. That's a total of 173 updated packages combined, which means that the new installation mediums are more stable, reliable, and secure.

Again, please do not consider this a new version of the Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie" series, but updated installation mediums. If you already have ISO images of Debian GNU/Linux 8.6 or previous releases, there's no need to throw them away, just make sure you also download the latest updates when installing the OS on a new system.