Collaboration opportunities

Why work with us?

Our company is growing well, as our employees and business partners. Whether it is on the financial or career plan, Eccentrix recognizes core individual values of our resources. Our objective is to assure a constant development, becoming better at the work we do. And, we absolutely involve all possible effort to make it.

We are passionate and create opportunities that bring new ideas to life - ideas that become real. We are creating and protecting what is our most important investment. Motivation in our team allows to work better together - an everyday experience for our employees.

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Currently offering:

Technical instructors (VILT courses)

We are actively seeking technical instructor profiles, certified in common technologies (Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, security...). If you have a certain experience in computer training and are an active instructor, let us know - we would like to know about you.

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Technical consultants

We are seeking experts in professional IT services for work at various stages of implementation projects (virtualisation, security, core infrastructure and networking, etc.). If you are passionate and have worked on such assignments, let us know about you.

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