Delivery methods

Traditional classrooms - public deliveries

We make sure our classroom environment is well adapted for your learning. Our offices are modern, and are pre-configured to suite your well-being while present at our training centers. The classroom equipment comes pre-configured, and no setup is required on your end.

Although most of our technical courses use a local in classroom setup, it is still possible to access your lab environnement remotely outside training hours during the week of your training.

Eccentrix works with multiple partners to offer you the ability to subscribe to our classroom training at different locations across Quebec and Canada.

Private trainings - on site

The mobile infrastructure we have allows you to benefit from our courses at your own location. Minor networking setup will allow you to have our training delivered to you, and adapted to your work scenarios. The private training modality is available on request, and is surely an effective method when your training needs to be customized and changed to reflect yor reality. 

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

The virtual-instructor led training is an innovative course delivery model that allows participants to join a virtual conferencing network, from virtually anywhere, thanks to a platform dedicated for this type of delivery.

It is the fastest-growing way to deliver many types of trainings and seminars, allowing millions of people worldwide to interact without considering limitations of physical boundaries. Since technology gets better every day, there are tremendous opportunities in online training, as instructors can now deliver courses using high-quality audio and video rendering, thus successfully simulating a real classroom environment.

Key benefits

Being a cloud-based conference system, most of the complex computer or devices setups are being eliminated, and participants can use cross-platform devices to get connected – it is aiming convenience by reducing setup time and requirements on participant’s devices, while providing with a superior experience. And more, virtual trainings are much more scalable – virtually no limit in the number of participants!

Flexibility in choosing the training location helps organizations save considerably, since access to the virtual classroom is available from almost anywhere, and at practically no cost. Participants themselves see the efficiency of online training rapidly, as they do not have to travel distances to assist to session, but can follow the delivery at their convenience.

But, there is much more we offer - Eccentrix uses technology to make your training available over an extended period of time by recording the sessions (archived up to six months) - we chose the best virtual platforms of the industry, and work with instructors that are successfully mastering tools, techniques, and methods for successful and superior virtual deliveries!

How does it work?

Two models are being used in online training:

VILT: The traditional model involves virtual participants only. In this model, a host/instructor creates a session, and online participants connect to the environment for their training

VILT+: The participants and the instructor, being present in a typical classroom environment, connect to the Internet to join online participants. Once the connectivity is established, virtual participants have the option to interact with others, and vice-versa. This offert a hybrid environment where everyone can interact with the use of a conference bridge found at the location of the physical classroom.

In either model, every participant is assigned a unique ID and login, being able to use that piece of information to access an online portal, where everyone will meet.Upon sign-in, many actions can be performed by participants, such as changing status states, participating in discussions, polls, as well as interacting through voice and video:

What are the technical requirements?

Because most of the setup is configured in the cloud, participants’ requirements are generally very light. We recommend a decent Internet connectivity (using wired connection) as well as a set of multimedia devices.

Prior to beginning your training, it is certainly possible to perform necessary tests to make sure you get the most from this type of modality.